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If you are blacklisted it means that the credit bureau has listed your name as someone who has a bad credit record from being under debt review, having a judgement against your name or being listed as a bad payer. This means that you’re not able to get a loan with financial institutions. We help blacklisted people get personal loans from different financial institutions.

Being blacklisted means you have a bad credit history, it doesn’t mean that you will not be able to get finance from any financial institution. Getting a blacklisted personal loan from a registered credit provider has never been easier! We lend responsibly, treat our customers fairly, and help people to achieve their dreams.

There are no hidden charges. We make all our fees completely clear upfront before you apply.

Please note that all our lenders are registered with the NCR. See the below guidelines when applying for a loan:


Minimum loan period 12 months Maximum loan period 60 months. Maximum APR 38% per annum. Representative example: Loan amount R100 000, terms: 36 months APR (Annual Percentage Rate) 28%, monthly service fee R68.40, monthly repayment R4558.00. The interest rate will depend on the loan amount, loan term and credit profile of applicant.


If a client is up to date with his loan repayments, they may qualify for a second or third loan depending on the criteria as set by the loan company. The client will have to apply again and the loan provider will look at the clients profile, affordability, etc. The loan provider will then make a decision based on the rules and regulations as set by the NCR.


There should only be initial cost if your monthly debit order was unsuccessful as a result of insufficient funds or changing bank accounts without prior notice to the service provider. The service provider will try to contact the client in order to resolve the problem.

If the client can’t be found or the problem can’t be solved, it would be handed over to the internal collections department to see if a solution to the problem can be found. If an agreement can’t be reached, the lender can make use of an external collections company or an attorney.

This will lead to an increase in fees and interest. This will have a big influence on the clients credit score and it will be very difficult to get any more credit from any loan provider.

Monthly premiums for loan repayments will be done by direct debit order collection from the clients bank account. Unsuccessful debit order collections may result in the client being charged a fee by his own bank for the unsuccessful transaction.


We are not a Lender or Provider and therefore We will not provide finance directly to You; We provide an online loan directory service, We will introduce You to Lenders or Providers of financial services by submitting your online application to the financial service provider of your choice. We will present Your application to one or more of Our Lenders or Providers based on their lending criteria until such time as one of Our Lenders or Providers accept Your application or all Lenders and Providers decline Your application. There is no obligation for You to take up the loan or service with them. You should read the conditions carefully and make a responsible decision on whether You believe their service is right for You. The Lender/Finance Provider will conduct an assessment on You before any decision or offer is made, this may include a full assessment of Your credit history both past and present.


The reference number on the bank statement will always start with “MULTID FOR CHAIN “, followed by your bank reference name as created at Sanlam Multi Data


R250 On the applicant’s / client’s next salary date, post the date of the applicant’s / client’s online / electronic application and thereafter on the following action day (only if 1st deduction differ from the first deduction day) regularly according to the agreement, *except for payment instructions due in December which may be debited against my account on 20th of December if applicable.

If however date of the payment instruction falls on a non-processing day (weekend or public holiday); I agree that the payment instruction may be debited against my account on the following business day; or

I agree that Chainpay Loans has the right to forward the payment instruction to the previous working day


I, the undersigned, request Chainpay Loans to arrange with my bank to collect, by means of the debit order system, the payments in terms of the stipulations of the contract and payments in arrears (as they may be amended from time to time/where applicable/where so requested) of the above-mentioned against my account.


DebiCheck is a debit order collection method that we will use to collect money from you to pay us or a third party.

DebiCheck is a debit order payment method where payments are processed in the early morning and we must both follow additional steps if you want to pay us from your account or a third party via this debit order payment method.

Payments processed under this mandate will commence at different times:

  1. If this mandate is provided for a new agreement with us, the date on which the first payment is processed will be determined as per your debit order mandate signed.
  2. If the mandate is provided for an existing agreement with us, the date on which the first payment is processed will be the same payment day as per the original mandate signed after you have authenticate this mandate.


If you do not have funds available on the stipulated payment day, we may be unable to collect payment, you will remain liable for all unpaid amounts due by you.  If your debit order is not paid, you may be in breach of your agreement with us.

We may continuously look into your account before and after the payment day and resubmit the collection should we not have been successful in collecting on the payment day.  This is called “tracking”.

If you have an existing DebiCheck mandate, this mandate will then replace the existing mandate.

By submitting the online application I agree to all Terms and conditions as set on this website

I offer permission for Chainpay Loans to debit my account with a Once Off Fee of R 250.00 to cover cost in sourcing a Loan for me. This Fee is payable whether the loan is Approved, Declined or not accepted by me. If the R 250 isn’t accessible, Chainpay Loans can deduct this account over four months to recover funds from the same account.

Please note we do not charge any fees upfront. Only at the end of the month and after processing your loan application. You will receive a reminder email within 24 hours to confirm this via Debi-Check which will also confirm your bank account details in order for us to process the loan faster.


I acknowledge that all payment instructions issued above mentioned bank as if the instructions had been issued by me/us personally.


I agree that although this Authority and Mandate may be cancelled by me, such cancellation will not cancel the Agreement. I shall not be entitled to any refund of amounts which you have withdrawn while using this authority was in force if such amounts were legally owing to you.


I acknowledge that this Authority may be ceded to or assigned to a third party if the agreement is also ceded or assigned to that third party, but in the absence of such assignment of the Agreement, this Authority and Mandate cannot be assigned to any third party. I acknowledge that this Authority may be ceded to or assigned to a third party if the agreement is also ceded or assigned to that third party, but in the absence of such assignment of the Agreement, this Authority and Mandate cannot be assigned to any third party.


I hereby authorize you to issue and deliver payment instructions to the bank for collection against my above mentioned account at my above mentioned bank (or any other bank or branch to which I may transfer my account) on condition that the sum of such payments instructions will never exceed my obligations as agreed to in the Agreement, and commencing on the commencement date.

Instructions so authorised to be issued must be issued and delivered as follows;

R250 On the applicant’s / client’s next salary date, post the date of the applicant’s / client’s online / electronic application In the event that the payment day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or recognized South African public holiday, the payment day will automatically be the very next ordinary business day. Further, if there are insufficient funds in the nominated account to meet the obligation, you are entitled to track my account and represent the instruction for payment as soon as sufficient funds are available in my account.

What is a credit score (credit rating)?

It is a number determined by a credit bureau based on your credit history over a time period. Your credit history constitutes all the information regarding your credit habits, and a credit report is the document logging it.

There are three major credit bureaux: Transunion, Experian and XDS. Each has its own formula for determining credit scores.

Lenders may look at your credit record from one, two or more credit bureaux before deciding whether or not to grant you credit. Some financial institutions compile their own information regarding your credit habits.

How can you improve how you score?

  • Make monthly payments on time
  • Don’t miss any credit card payments
  • Pay outstanding balances in full
  • Don’t end up in court for late or non-payment
  • Notify creditors immediately if you can’t make a payment
  • Don’t take out further credit when paying off debt
  • Pay off debt closest to their credit limit first
  • Check your credit report for errors
  • Don’t enquire about credit unnecessarily

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